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Question: What do the bountiful wine cellars of Karma Kandara – and the luxurious sweep of Indian Ocean extending far below this award-winning Balinese resort – have in common?

Answer: Both proffer an ever-shifting palette. A heady interplay of the elements to provoke, inspire and surprise the senses.

You can immerse yourself in the fierce joy of both at one of Karma Kandara’s ravishing Wine Dinners, hosted regularly at our panoramic di Mare restaurant. Each time, a series of outstanding wines following a theme are matched with a gourmet menu, intuitively crafted by our executive chef.

Central to the popular epicurean evenings are some exquisite, off-radar boutique wines that are emerging from smaller, up-and-coming winemakers: Dynamic newcomers like the Australian Young Guns of Winemaking who thrilled us recently with their uplifting, vibrant and re-interpreted classics.

Few gastronomic experiences linger as delightfully in the memory as a well-executed, wine-paired meal. One of the things our resort’s executive chef and wine curator relish the most is choreographing that perfect synergy between the food that’s on your plate and the wine that’s in your glass. Whether its reinforcing their bond – or counter-playing the elements against each other – their job is to ensure that the sum of one plus one is always more than two!

Working with small, single vignerons is what makes these affairs so special, in our view. It means that the stories told are authentic and sincere, resulting every time in a wonderful spontaneity as we bring together our guests and our wines at this extraordinary locale.

Or perhaps it’s a more whimsical, free-style date with the grape that you’re in the mood for?

Settle into a prime position at our cliff-side Veritas wine lounge, and let the captivating views work their singular magic while you delve into our diverse stock of wines from multiple varietals and destinations including Argentina, Australia, Chili, France, Italy, Spain, and the USA (our Vega Sicilia Unico, Château Lafite Rotchschild, Opus One Robert Mondavi Baron Philippe never disappoint). We also take care to always feature local Balinese labels in order to represent an indigenous cultural landscape for our guests.

Over the years, Karma Kandara has responded to the myriad challenges of importing wine into Indonesia, (where savage import duties mean consistency and supply is never guaranteed), by creating a spectacular and constantly evolving wine selection of our own. This notion of championing the wine stars of tomorrow – or the unsung heroes, if you like – comes straight from the heart of Karma’s owner and founder John Spence and his “road less travelled” life philosophy.

An ardent oenophile, John’s passion for wine also drove him to invest in cutting edge enomatic serving technology – a first for Bali – that has planted Karma Kandara firmly in the front row of the island’s international wine scene. Because the system uses argon gas preservation to protect opened wine bottles from oxidization, we can now actively participate in the growing curiosity among travellers to become more “globally wine savvy” by offering our guests a far more plentiful range of tasting experiences. World-famous premium wines that were previously off-limits unless you ordered a whole bottle – say, a luxuriant 98 Penfold’s Grange – can now be sampled by the glass.

Why not use our exciting enomatic system to create a memorable tasting flight of your own design from the Veritas lounge’s impressive selection of wines by the glass, every sip enhanced by an endless backdrop of a tropical blue horizon.

As the Italian philosopher and stargazer Galileo Galilei once pointed out: Wine is Sunlight held together by Water. Two things that we also have in glorious abundance here at Karma Kandara!

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Written by Wirka Wayan

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